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Disney released a new iPad app that lets you explore the art, history and some technology behind Disney's 2D and 3D animated films

Disney Animated shows the art, history and some technology behind Disney's animated films from 1937’s Snow White to upcoming Frozen. It's almost like the "illusion of life" (12 principles of 2D animation) has come to the ipad with Disney's 3D expertise tacked on, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it is on par with  Richard Williams "The Animator's Survival Kit" (must read for any animator).

Disney Animated still has a few surprises that are nice. Besides the art, history lessons and tips, they included a simple way to animate a rigged character Vanellope from Wreck-it-Ralph.

This can be a great way for any animator to introduce other people to animation. If you've ever had a conversation and a person just can't quite comprehend what you're saying, you can toss them Vanellope and tell them to make a walk cycle, they will appreciate what you do a whole lot more, ha.

Or if you are an animator who likes studying animation, Disney definitely has a lot to teach us, even if the styles aren't your thing. There is a lot to learn from this ipad app, check it out HERE.

Thanks to Stefan Lipsius for bringing this to our attention.


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