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zPipeMaker 2.0

Chris Zukowski has been hard at work making improvements to his zPipeMaker Script for Maya and has released 2.0

In case you haven't been following Chris's zPipeMaker thread since the last time we posted about it, you might want to swing by and check out the latest updates, they are huge.

It comes in two flavors:

- Make a pipe segment and snap a new one to the end of the first one.
- Edit any pipe's control in the chain of pipes.
- Adjustable Real-Time Controls for (Subdivision Axis, Sub Height, Width, Curve length,Curve Scale, Curve Amount, and Rotation).
- Automatic Minimal Twist to account for any rotation for smooth edge-flow and perfect uncut pipes.
- Automatic Optimization for the whole pipe or single pipe segments based off of a threshold, curve amount, and scale.
- Quick Settings to speed up the creation of pipes. 
- Customizable Quick Settings Values
- Automatic Merging of verts, deleting caps, and final nice and clean UVs for the finished pipe.
- Remember Rotation value when making new pipes
- Duplicate Pipe Chains
- Multi Connect Control and Add


- Swap out zPipes for Custom Meshes
- Update custom pipes without having to re-replace them.
- Custom Mesh List Editor
- Select applied custom meshes
- Auto Optimize Custom meshes based off of polySplitRings in their history


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