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the VG REMIX - A Polycount Contest

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We've teased it now for a few days and today we're finally ready to announce our next contest: the VG REMIX!

Brought to you by Polycount & Sketchfab, the VG REMIX is a short, 3-week long contest where artists will create lowpoly dioramas of a scene from one their favourite videogames. These depictions do not need to be in the same style as found in the game they come from – feel free to mix them up! Manga Super Mario? Sounds great! Paper Halo?Why not!? Or do you just want to creatively depict Grand Theft Auto in a low-poly diorama? Do it! Since these are interactive dioramas, that means they must be viewable from ALL angles - exciting!

Participants of this contest will have an opportunity at winning Sketchfab Pro licenses, some swag, and their very own mini-Greentooth trophies. YES, that's right. No surprises this time: You WILL win a Greentooth trophy of your very own if you place in the Top 3 for the VG REMIX.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the VG REMIX contest page and get started!

CONTEST BEGINS: Monday, July 22nd 2013
CONTEST ENDS: August 11th, 2013 @ 11:59PM EST (GMT -4)


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