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Hourences - UDK Tutorial Series

A new set of training videos from the UDK veteran.

When it comes to teaching the ins and outs of the Unreal Engine, Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong is one of the best, and his previous books and videos have been invaluable to many. Now adding to his list of resources, Hourences has just released a brand new UDK training series.


These expert classes offer 16 hours of in-depth UDK training.  Learn everything Hourences has learned from working with UE3 for six years, and having worked on 11 commercial Unreal Engine 3/UDK projects. The goal of these videos is not just to explain how to do something, it is to make you production ready: it goes into great detail regarding its subjects and aims to give you the complete picture of what the engine can do and how to set it up.

The Expert Classes: UDK Lighting

Master lighting in UDK. Goes over everything from the three different ways of lighting up environments, to Lightmaps, to an in-depth look at dynamic lighting, to animated lighting and light functions, my workflow and techniques, how I keep large levels with thousands of lights organized, and so on. Brings up Unmechanical, Rekoil, and The Ball often as practical examples of lighting in Unreal. Three different games, three different styles.

The Expert Classes: UDK Asset Development Part 1

A basic but very thorough introduction into setting up textures, materials, and environment models in UDK. For one features a detailed look at lightmaps including things like lightmap grids, vertex normals, all the different ways of setting up collision, setting up foliage that has a wind animation and changes color dependent on location in the world, and blending textures through vertex color and distance.

The Expert Classes: UDK Asset Development Part 2

An advanced texture and material video. A seriously deep look into how to properly set up and optimize textures and materials in UDK, and all the things that people commonly do that should actually not be done. Followed by setting up a complex character material for the Tlaloc monster for The Ball, featuring a material that supports dissolving, electrocution, and which automatically begins to burn when it passes a certain point in the world. Also covers material workflow.

The Expert Classes: UDK Mobile Content Development

An advanced video that goes into everything related to developing content for Android/iOS using the UDK. Everything Hourences has learned from bringing his games Unmechanical to iOS, and The Ball to Android. Full of important settings and tricks not covered anywhere else at all. If you are making a mobile Unreal game, this is an absolute must!

Unique to this class are the Assignments and Certificates. Included in each video is an assignment that allows you to repeat the lessons learned and apply them for a second time. Upon completion of the assignment, it can be send back to Hourences. If he finds it to be technically correct, he will send a signed Certificate of Completion back to you.

You can read more about these videos and purchase a copy yourself on the official website, and you can discuss them or give your feedback here.

A big thanks to Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong for putting these together and for his contributions to the community.





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