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handplane - Source Support

Handplane shows it's support for the Source Engine, Steam Workshop and our unofficial DOTA2 contests.

The handplane team has been hard at work on adding more functionality to their already popular normal map software. They've put together a new video showing the comparison between various normal map outputs and a handplane output within a Source map.

Along with the support for the Source Engine, the team has good news for any artists submitting work to the Steam Workshop. "We don't consider steam workshop submissions something that would require a commercial handplane license.  Workshop users can use the free noncommercial handplane build for their submissions." said Alec Moody, co-owner of handplane. "We want to provide support to the steam workshop community, to that end I would like to hear from workshop artists about what could be done to make things easier.  Anyone with suggestions for new tools can email me at: [email protected]"

Showing even more support for the game art community, handplane has also offered to provide licenses as a prize to the winners of Polycount's monthly unofficial DOTA2 contests.

To offer feedback or thank the handplane developers themselves for all their hard work, head over to our official handplane support thread. To read more about handplane and try it out yourself, check out their official website.


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