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Sketchfab Integration

Tired of showing off your models with plain old 2D images like some sort of caveman? Well we have teamed up with the guys at Sketchfab to put an end to that. Now when creating a post on Polycount, you will find a new button that will allow you to embed Sketchfab's viewer and display your work in full 3D.


Of course, this will require registering an account on Sketchfab and uploading your models. Sketchfab currently offers the following features to members...

  • Free registration
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Accepts all regular materials and shaders: textures, normal maps, specular, diffuse, bump, transparency...
  • 27 native 3D formats supported
  • Plugins available to publish directly from the major 3D packages (Max, Maya, Blender...)
  • Big models supported (Currently models above 5 million polys)
  • HDR environments for image-based lighting and reflection
  • And a lot more to come!



A big thanks to the Sketchfab team and to Seth (cheeseplus) for getting this up and running!



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