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The Escape Voting, Recap

The contest has ended, the submissions are gathered and the time has come to vote for your TOP 3 FAVOURITE entries to the Escape: A Polycount Challenge!

To vote for the Escape, you must:

  1. Be a member of the Polycount Community. We'll need your user name when completing the poll so if you're not a member now, please sign up before voting!
  2. CLICK HERE to load up the voting page for the Escape: A Polycount Challenge
  3. Choose your TOP 3 favourite entries. No more or no less.

To make the voting as easy as possible, we've done a recap of the entire contest and all of its entries. Use this recap as reference for picking your favourites or use the final submissions page. Clicking on the images in the recap will take you to the corresponding WIP thread.

The vote will end on Sunday, May 26th 2013 @ 23:59 EST. The winners will be announced shortly after the polls have closed.

Congratulations and good luck to everyone who has entered!

Toseben | Forest Chase


Team Old School | The Wild Hunt


JeezeJess | Asian Tower


Team Brain Jelly | Cyberpunk Heist


Futuristic TEAM | Vent Chase


Team Tempura | Sushi Run


heinous | TF2 M8 Greyhound


jsargent | Fallen


Team Caravan | One-Way


fei-rukawa | Ghouls Desert Cyborg


Team Donkeyballs | 2085


Team CosmoBear | The Beryllium Gang


Team Penyx | Public Enemies


Team Burgerstorm | On The Edge


Safemilk(Daniel) | Corporate Assassin


snowed12 | Elevator Escape


Team Plausibly Aught | Island Escape


johnguydude | Steam Wing


Team MAETi | Yo Ho Ho!


Colgruv | Dodge and Crumble


Zelfit | Retreat!


Azbic | Pirate Ship


powellfx | Frozen


EmAr | Eject!


Team Piranha Bytes | Nam


Peverall | The Falls


Alex.R.Hogue | The Jungle River


artofkee | VK's Secret Place


m4dcow | Hermit's Perch


Conpatshe | Norse Temple


Xiaokira | Desert Temple


Tiger300 | Lost Cavern


radurock | Quantum


V1ocity | Abandoned


Darren Beattie | Heading Home


cholden | Love


Sashank | The Tunnel Escape


Team 4 | Cave Escape


Eñaut | Spartan Military Camp


Team Warmack | The Alley


karl.fitzgerald | Mountain Climb


MatthewKaufmann | The Titan Awakens


Team FromOuterSpace | No Trace


Korax, GiangoMM, Bra | A Bad Evening


yannage | Wayward


ChosenOne | The Laboratory


kimmokauneia | The C17Y


JessCooper | Asylum Escape


shabba | The Park


ScudzAlmighty | something something PG13


uk-stryder, yodude87 | The Dark Light


lonelysquare | Tower of Moria


TheRod | The Wreckage


JakeLeeCooper | Cell Block B


Team NOiDEA | Hairy Houdini


Jordan | Ancient Temple


Jade | Camp Pyongyang


Saman | Escape From The Zoo


AimBiz | Cosmic Horror


fars084 | The Island


ExplosioN | A Ball Boy Needed


bobidigi | Wild, Wild West


Team Specter | Police State


Dilley | From Society


Ferny | Firefly


FredSkin | Dead End


vAp | Apocalypse


Airfreshene | Derelict Escape


Deciduo | World of Books


Team Odie | Someone on the Wing!


Kabresinn | SCRAM



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