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Design Cinema Episode 62

Feng Zhu goes over some tips for realtime creature design in Episode 62 of his Design Cinema series

Episode 62 is packed full of really good stuff, as usual. If you have ever wondered what it's like to sit on the shoulder of a world class designer while he does his thing you should watch this.

If you have never heard of this series before you have a lot of episodes to catch up on, make sure you hit Episode 52 its all about building up your visual library.

If you've never heard of Feng Zhu or his Design school before, there is a REALLY good chance you've seen his work or his influence in one form or another in films or in AAA games. On top of being an amazing artists with a very broad skill set, he's also a great teacher. Even if he isn't covering a subject you feel passionate about, so much of what he says applies to all facets of art in general so go forth and be educated! Enjoy!


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