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Costume Design Contest

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r13 founder

Welcome to a new year of counting and pushing polys around. First up, we have a new contest for you that is specifically about pushing of polys around from Houdini, Mixamo and ourselves.

The contest is called: "Costume Design Contest". You will be asked to first create a basic character, but then put the full force of your creative talents in a costume for said character. Next for a slightly technical change of pace, you will be asked to rig and animate it with Mixamo and apply some cloth simulation with Houdini (All tools provided for free for your contest entry, of course). Submit some wondrous moving polygons and you can find yourself rewarded for the efforts.

There's a bunch of prizes on the line here from cash money to full software licences and more. You will need to hit the full contest site at Mixamo to get all the fine details and more importantly get yourself registered if you are wanting to participate. Good luck to all.


  • Anais
    Don't forget to create your WIP thread right here on Polycount: http://bit.ly/UttrXR

    Good luck, everyone!
  • Isaiah Sherman
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    Isaiah Sherman polycounter lvl 14
    Cool! Sounds like a really in-depth and time consuming challenge. Good luck to everyone that does it.

    The prizes look great!
  • Anais
    Thanks Haiasi, we're excited about this contest. Your alien (http://bit.ly/UuJ9Ca) would kinda be the perfect subject for this occasion. Just sayin'!
  • fmoritz
    Is this just another Spec Contest to sell your products or will it hold meaning beyond soulessly detailing a character with random attire with no supportive back history?

    The reasons I ask is that the prospect for this competition is extremely broad (look up the meaning of costume) and I feel it's a bit unfair to everyone (whos' man hours will amount to thousands) if there is no reward at all (in terms of proper experience) for those who don't win.
  • [Deleted User]
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    [Deleted User] insane polycounter
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Anais
    Thanks TeriyakiStyle. Fmoritz came to me with his concerns a few days ago and my answer to him was not far from yours:
    I think that saying that contests like the ones we organize hold no benefit to participant artists is not true.

    For participating artists contests such as this one give them an opportunity/a subject topic to practice their skills and get feedback from their peers and judges who are veterans in the gaming/VFX industry or experienced artists.

    It also gives them a chance to win fairly large cash prizes (we're giving away a total of $2.000) as well as access to tools and software licenses that they can use for their own work/portfolios. This time there is about $10,000 worth of equipment/technology to win.

    Participants also get their names and portfolios out there. Exposure is for both participating and winning artists. Last week, we were actually discussing getting an extra screen for our booth at GDC to showcase the winning entries of the current contest, for instance. For this contest, winners also get a front page article about themselves, their art, their passion, on Polycount News.

    Lastly, contests such as this one gives 3D artists a chance to put their work in front of professionals and to sell their work: We often send purchase offers to 15 to 20 participants -- whether they won or not. It makes for a great way for students and artists to earn money from their art and training. (We NEVER redistribute submitted entries unless a purchase offer has been discussed and agreed upon both by us and the artist.)

    So I hope that for this contest, Fmoritz will join the Mixamo team and other artists in the community and have fun with the challenge. I really hope that he'll enjoy working on his concept and that we'll get to follow his progress and see his finished creation.

    Wishing you the very best of luck either way, :)
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