Mixamo wants your characters

We have a unique opportunity for the character artists in the audience from Mixamo. They would like to use your work in their videos.

In the next few weeks, digital art training sites cmiVFX and Digital Tutors will be working with the Mixamo team to create brand new tutorial videos for their users, describing workflows with Mixamo's auto-rigging and animation services and various 3D modeling software. Several 3D characters will be featured in these videos as examples and will be made available to users for them to try to follow each tutorial on their own.

So have a few sweet characters you've finished already and would like to put them to work besides standing around in your portfolio?

The deadline is December 6th 2012, hence why finished characters are needed.  Send a link to your work that you would like to submit to: [email protected]

This is a good chance to get your work in front of a lot of eyeballs out there. Please stuff the Mixamo mailbox with awesomeness.

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