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3dmotive - Animation in UDK

polycounter lvl 18
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adam polycounter lvl 18

The folks at 3dmotive have released Volume 2 of 'Animation in UDK'.For artists & animators out there looking to have their animations successfully imported in to the UDK, be sure to check out 3dmotives tutorial 'Animation in UDK Volume 2'. This is an advanced course, but all artists with an interest in this pipeline will find it of interest.



  • tsabszy
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    tsabszy greentooth
    awsome tutorial!
  • thatanimator
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    thatanimator polycounter lvl 6
    seems to go over matinee and cutscene setup? not advanced by any means, take maybe half an hour to learn.
    an advanced course would not only cover that very basic setup, I'd want to see cloth in the mix, either using the cloth system or with some kind of ragdoll setup. just loading animations into matinee and triggering them with kismet is not advanced at all.

    give me a video where the cutscenes either have dynamic cloth on characters, different kinds of cloth, from hair to long wizard robes and skirts.
    that would make a way better package, cloth setup is very important today, shame its missing from an advanced course..
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