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A New Contest Appears!

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r13 founder

The good folks at Mixamo have been hard at work to provide you with a new outlet for your undead fetishes.

They have provided me with a chunk of text to tempt you with, but let me cut to the chase and say; zombies and cash prizes. A no-brainer for sure. You have two months from today to get something done. So even if you are participating on something else, you should have time to work this into your normally scheduled TL2 or BL2 sessions.

MIXAMO Zombie Character Creation Contest

This 3D Character Creation Contest is all about Zombies!

The point of the contest:

- Users create a Zombie Character
- Maximum of 15,000 triangles
- Must create a Work in Progress post on a 3D community forum (preferably Polycount!)

Once they are done with their work, they must then go to the Contest Page and submit:
- A beauty shot rendering of their Zombie maximum resolution of 2048x2048.
- Maps to showcase their work -- diffuse, alpha, normal, specular, specular color, glow are accepted -- in a maximum resolution of 2048x2048.
- The URL to their WIP post
- Optional: If they want to qualify for the Frankenstein prize, they can apply a Mixamo Zombie animation to their character and submit either an .fbx file or a YouTube video URL showing their animated character.

The prizes:
1st Place: $1000 cash prize, 50 Mixamo credits
2nd Place: $500 cash prize, 30 Mixamo credits
3rd Place: $250 cash prize, 15 Mixamo credits
Frankenstein Prize: $250 cash prize!

Additionally, regardless of whether they won or not, ALL submissions are considered by the Mixamo Team to maybe be presented with a purchase offer.

Participants may submit their entries until November 30th, at 11:59:59 pm PST.


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