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Eat 3D - Animation Masterclass

Another top notch tutorial from Eat 3D.

Eat 3D has just released a brand new tutorial DVD, this time covering animation inside of Maya.

"In this DVD, Instructor Joe Mandia gives a deep foundation to the complexities of animation using Maya 2012 with a focus on video games. Although the focus is on games, the instruction is great for any animator. Topics include Maya shortcuts, ui setup, 12 principles overview, timing, spacing, arcs, overlap, anticipation, squash and stretch, slow ins and outs, staging, secondary action, straight ahead vs pose to pose, and finally refining and polishing a final animation."

Go here to read more about it: http://eat3d.com/blog/eat-3d/new-dvd-release-animation-masterclass-animating-maya-games-and-more

Thanks to Eat 3D and Joe Mandia for putting this together.


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