Eat 3D - Unreal Kismet 2

A new full length tutorial as well as some freebies from Eat 3D.

Eat 3D has released the second tutorial in their Unreal Kismet series on creating a top down shooter in UDK. Rusty Sempsrott covers a variety of concepts involved with prototyping game ideas using Kismet. Topics include: setting up the levels, adding logic and a camera actor, setting up the player and game camera, player controls, global variables, level streaming, enemy vehicles, enemy movement, enemy damage, adding a scoring system, advanced movement, projectiles, player death, and finally a camera flythrough of the final game.

Read more about it here:

Polycounter and Eat 3D admin Andy Davies (metalliandy) has also recently put out two more short tutorials free of charge.

ZBrush 4R3 - Decimation Master Overview:

Creating Barbed Wire In Blender:

A big thanks to Rusty Sempsrott, Andy Davies and Eat 3D for putting these tutorials together.



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