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Kickstarter: The Other Brothers

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r13 founder

A couple of your fellow polycounters have been working their magical hand wavings on the game; "The Other Brothers", a family friendly platformer. They are now to the point they are ready to do a little show, tell and hopefully kickstart.

Luckily for you all, they have provided me with a nice chuck of text to cut and paste. Plus they've included links to the forum thread and their Developer diary, and their Kickstarter page. And lastly, and most importantly, promises of greentooth fan service has been issued, see below.

The Other Brothers is a family-fun platformer with a retro pixel-art vibe. It stars Joe & Jim, a team of mechanics who stumble upon a mafia kidnapping involving a beautiful young lass- and that's where the adventure begins!

It will be released in the Fall under 3DATTACK games and is being developed by a team comprising of Thomas Pasieka, Bjorn Hurri, Robert Cummings and Giuseppe Landolina.

Thomas and Bjorn designed the title and now handle level design and art direction respectively, along with Robert and Giuseppe (from Simian Squared Ltd in the UK) who are programming the title along with supporting the art team with cinematics and effects.

The Other Brothers will be released for iOS, Android, Mac and PC initially but other platforms are on the cards.

The title is developed with a combination of Unity 3D and the Simian Tech engines (http://unity3d.com/) / (http://simiansquared.com/simian-tech/)

Your backing will help the team with:

* Your backing will allow us (4 people) to work solely on completing the game for a fall 2012 Release. First to iOS, then Android, MAC and PC.

* Additional Localization Languages (Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and more).

* Classic Multiplayer Support (2 people, 1 device).

* Various controller support.

* An original soundtrack written exclusively for the game along with custom made sound effects.

* Great performance on a wider range of devices (hardware testing).

* Various Power Up Items.

* It will allow us to start work on further (FREE) DLC content.

* Buying Unity 4 licenses to support Linux, Ouya and more!

* As well as making sure we have a roof over our heads while we're making this!

* Most importantly, it enables us the ability to organize and open a Beta Test community for Backers.  You will be able to beta-test the game and also  convey to the developers your likes, dislikes, comments and suggestions!


But there are of course a selection of prizes for the guys and girls who back us!

Don't forget to spot the Greentooth in the video!

And finally, the Forum threads are:


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