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The Steam Workshop grows worldly

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r13 founder

Civilization V, the world conquering RTS, is about to launch in a few days on Steam. However, today, the game's integration to the Steam Workshop was turned on.

New maps, units, scenarios are already being produced. You can turn Germany back into it's early 1940's or summon a god made out of spaghetti and meatballs. That's just the start of the options you will have at your disposal. You will have to purchase the game to get in on the action. Using the mods obviously requires the game, but to make them will also require the purchase.

There is also a few more new game entries to the Workshop as well. Dungeons of Dreadmore and Naval War: Arctic Circle are now ready for you to mess about in their games too. You might be curious to know that D of D is also free to play and NW:AC has a free demo too to get you started.



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    Few things going on with this blogpost.

    The Civilization V link leads to the Naval War: Arctic Circle page.

    Civilization V is already out on Steam and has been for almost two years. What's about to be released is the new Gods and Kings pack, which is DLC and entirely separate.

    It's spelled Dungeons of Dredmor, and it's not free-to-play, however it's only five bucks (with a three dollar DLC and a free DLC, which is not the full game).

    Chalking this one up to poor execution and time crunch, but it's still kind of unprofessional to have so many problems in one post.
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