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MudWalker X, Reducto and Weapon X

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A trio of new tools, MudWalker XReDucto and Weapon X have been released for free at the author's website: Psycho Core.

The first, MudWalker is a plugin for Mudbox that allows you to send your meshes and textures between MB and a variety of other 3d applications. The next tool ReDucto is a stand alone polygon reduction tool that promises some pretty superior results.The 3rd tool available: Weapon X which is another polygon reduction plugin for Mudbox. It's the first release of this one and should be considered an alpha release. The tools are free as long as you promise not to email him for tech support.

Here's the first couple paragraphs from the official site describing the gist of each as well if you need a little more info and haven't actually clicked the link to the site yet:

What is MudWalker?

It was the very 1st Plugin suite of its kind to be released for the PC. Due to having way too much going on at the time I eventualy moth balled it for what is now over 2 years. Ironically the many that followed still do not support the number of applications or full feature set that MudWalker did in its 1st week of release. It allowed you to send your models and textures to any one of a number of programs and back in a single click...revolutionary back then. In MudWalker X some things have gone...other things have replaced them.

What is ReDucto?

ReDucto is a polygon reduction applcation that ships with MudWalker X that uses an totally unique algorithm found no where else. How can I say that? because I spent 3 years writing it, coming up with the algorithm myself and refining it before comparing it to everything else that was similar. You will find nothing similar in any other application. ReDucto is not the fastest polygon reduction, but I can promise you it is the best. Sometimes if you want the best quality you have to be patient.

Also Introducing.... 'Weapon X'

Added at the very last minute..literally! Weapon X is a hybrid Polygon reduction algorithm of mine that combines the speed of NoQuarter with very nearly the same quality as ReDucto. Treat this as an alpha of this feature, but its perfeclty workable. No one knew this was coming, not even my wife. Mudbox as a result has 3 polygon reduction ,methods, two of them exclusive to mudbox. WeaponX is very powerful in its own right though. What is included is the equivelant of a fully working alpha preview.


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