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A new GIMP for you

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r13 founder

GIMP, the free image editing and authoring tool has got itself a shiny new version number: 2.8.

The program has had a huge amount of changes to it in this update. Here's the page of release notes too. Make sure you give them all a once over if you're using this in your pipeline in any way. The new Save and Export features in particular might be of interest.



  • Micah
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    Micah polygon
    Hmm I've never been the biggest Gimp fan but with new pen pressure tools I might give it a spin.
  • malcolm
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    malcolm polycount sponsor
    I use gimp for exactly one feature, you can define a brush as in image file with colour. Photoshop still doesn't support brushes except as grey scale alphas. It's a real pain brining a psd into Gimp just to paint some trees and other props on to paint overs. I wish Photoshp would just add that feature already.
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