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Tim Schafer Kickstarter Tips

Tim Schafer sat down with IndieDB to talk about Double Fine's success with Kickstarter

"We asked for $400,000. $300,000 for the game and $100,000 for the documentary,” Tim continues to note. “We ended up hitting our goal in the first night.” Not only did they hit their goal, they reached $1,000,000 in backer support the first day. They closed out the project receiving a total of $3,336,371, making Kickstarter history as the most well-funded project ever."

IndieDB Interview: 5 tips to kickstarter success


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    Hmm, I sort of have to agree with the negative comments on that page... I don't think those tips are very relevant for other indies (besides that they almost sound like the same thing 5 times). It's mostly a case of being famous so all the gaming websites pick up on you and spread the news. (for example it was so much easier to get my Nerf gun posted on Kotaku once it was on SD's website first => a known big name makes it much more worthwhile news)
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