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Chroma: A Guildhall game

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r13 founder

Some students from the Guildhall have released their student project/game, Chroma, to the internets through our own boards as a thanks for Polycount being Polycount.

The game is a cubic themed FPS that has a couple new twists to the average deathmatch shooter. The game is free but you might need to start up a server on your own as they are currently only able to run one on of their own. The links to their official site are included in the post. Drop some feedback if you give it a spin. They are anxious for some feedback outside of the walls of the school.

"Chroma is our attempt to put a new spin on deathmatch. It features variable gravity, so you can walk and jump on any surface while you frag away. Your ranking in the match determines the color of your avatar and the power-up you drop when killed."

Here's a link to their trailer too, in case you need more convincing.


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