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Eat 3D - UnrealScript Masterclass - Part 2

Eat 3D has released the second part in their UnrealScript series.

James Tan returns in part 2 of this series to continue where he left off in the creation of Assault in UDK. This DVD goes on to cover topics such as upgrading the weapon system, updates to pawns, creating a task system, upgrading AssaultHUD, modifying an existing map, and lightmass.

Read more about it here: http://eat3d.com/unrealscript_mc2

Thanks to Eat 3D and James Tan for putting this together.




  • passerby
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    passerby polycounter lvl 12
    actully would be nice if they got rid of it, in favor of python, or c#.
  • claydough
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    claydough polycounter lvl 10
    python in combination with a maya runtime frontend like skyline would sound like a wetdream. Where scripting in unreal could seamlessly intergrate with tool strategies. The HIK and Ikinema examples at GDC really have me jonesing for that kind of iteration at all stages of dcc.

    In the perfect world unrealengine 4 would be a Maya/Max/Blender plug-in.
  • Hydrogen
    "In the perfect world unrealengine 4 would be a Maya/Max/Blender plug-in." I couldn't agree more !
  • JamesTan
    Thanks guys! I really appreciate this :D

    I think creating the perfect tool is always hard and while being a Maya/Max/Blender plug in will work well for artists; a lot of other disciplines would probably suffer such as the level designers, sound artists and so forth. I recall reading one article where game developers tried using 3DSMax to build levels and it ended up being pretty disastrous! Unsure how true it is now however. However, with that said there is always room for improvement.

    If you guys have any extra comments or what you'd like to see please email me at [email protected].
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