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Exis Interactive offers outsource and games financing!!!

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Exis Interactive offers outsource and games financing

Towson, MD — January 12, 2012 —Exis, in conjunction with their financial partners, is now offering the games industry financing for outsource art. This is a first in the industry, allowing developers and publishers alike to improve cash flow and seek alternative methods for outsource funding.

Whereas typical financing revolves around hardware, Exis is offering low interest options for outsourcing art, audio, and development. Companies can seek anywhere from $25k to $30 million or more for outsourcing. Exis will offer revolving lines of credit, among other solutions to qualified companies. According to Peter Kojesta, founder of Exis, "We've seen too many developers settle for 3rd rate outsourcing because of perceived cost benefits that just aren't realized. Often they'll end up redoing the work in-house, costing them not only time, but money as well. We've been delivering quality artwork to our clients for years, and these new options are another way to show them how deeply we're committed to their success. Our unique financing model allows them to get great quality and maintain control over their budgets. The industry should have done this a long time ago".

"This initiative by Exis not only opens new funding avenues to game developers across the country, but expands local business opportunities as well.  It has the potential to strengthen the industry and to bring more jobs to Maryland, and it shows how competitive and forward thinking our local game development studios are,” says Clay Hickson, Director of TowsonGlobal Business Incubator at Towson University.

Exis is an art outsourcing and  game development studio founded in 2003 and creates AAA products for partner studios and publishers. The company is made up of Ex Sony, Breakaway Games, and Day 1 Studios employees. Exis has been securely delivering content to its clients for over 8 years. The company is located in Towson, Maryland, directly across the street from Towson University.

For further information see http://www.exisinteractive.com/financing/ , or contact Peter Kojesta at [email protected] or 410-769-6454.

*Taken from Exis Interactive press release


So what does that mean for our industry? Well it's still too early to tell but if it works like I think it would then this is very exciting. Hopefully it will lead to more jobs for fellow Polycounters and in return companies should get some really nice quality outsourcing.

Hit the link below for the full announcement and details.




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