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Hold on to your butts! We're kicking off another Challenge here at Polycount - the MUTANT LEAGUE Challenge.

This challenge is for both CHARACTER and ENVIRONMENT artists* and can be a single or collaborative effort. It's also not a "AAA" focused Challenge! This one is for all mobile, browser based or "arcade" focused individuals! Oh that has your attention does it? Then head on over to the Challenge Page and read up on the Mutant League Challenge. When you're ready, our Contests & Challenges forum awaits your entry. The contest deadline is: January 7th 2012. We were going to end it on December 31st but that just wouldn't be very fair of us now would it?

You might be wondering: 'Adam, what's the difference between a Challenge at Polycount and a Contest?' Oh I'm so glad you asked! In short: Contests have prizes, Challenges do not. Challenges are typically set up to be just that, a challenge. Consider it an official challenge from myself to get you out of your comfort zone and in to something you typically might not do. So in this case, if you're typically doing highpoly assets that are baked to normals with unique textures everywhere: This contest is for you. It's also for you if you just like making videogame art, sports, mutants, or participating in things with the Polycount Community.

*Vehicle & weapons artists, don't worry - we'll get you guys a great challenge or contest soon. Promise!


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