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CryEngine3 Glass Tutorial

Simon "ixenoni" Fuchs wrote up a great tutorial about creating glass in CryENGINE3. For those that like moving pictures, there is also a video tutorial


Check out either the written tutorial on Simon's site, or the video tutorial on Eat3D (free). Even if you don't plan to use CryEngine3 some of the techniques used can be translated to other engines so its worth checking out.

Thanks for sharing Simon!


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  • dr jekyll
    Hey Mark
    wasn't this already in the news back when the tut first went up? Or is there some new changes to this tutorial?

    Thought I'd wait untill the DirectX 11 version of the free sdk came out before diving in. But,
    that seems to be taking forever. Anyone know if this is going to happen any time in the near future? ( dx11 )

    Sort of wish working from scratch was more intuitive ( lighting from a blank slate with dynamic lights and shadows for creating stylistic moods and interiors )
    But there do not seem to be many tuts out there that take this approach ( most seem happy with the outdoor time of day "world" sandbox solution ) which is understandable.
  • megalmn2000
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    megalmn2000 polycounter lvl 13
    Great tutorial but this new is a bit old...
  • Mio
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    Mio polycounter lvl 13
    thanks for the sweet tutorial
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