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The Art of Rage

A few weeks after the release of id Software's first title in 7 years, the highly anticipated Rage, some resident Polycounters have been generous enough to share their contributions with us. Click the images to jump to their respective threads.


Joey Struve (struve) is showing off a crazy amount of vehicles and props for all you hard surface fans.


Phillip Bailey (phillip.bailey) is presenting some of his work on the Rage environments, including before and after shots of IdTech5's new highlight feature in action.

And what would an art dump be without some characters to show? Vitaliy Naymushin (rawkstar) dropped in with some amazing character work, along with more eye candy on his site.


A big thanks goes out to these guys for taking the time to share their work with us. I know we have quite a few Polycounters planted at id Software, so there may be even more art yet to come.




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