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Free CryEngine 3 Training Material

Polycounter and Senior Environment Artist at Crytek, Simon Fuchs, has generously put together 3 great video tutorials for CryEngine 3.


The first video, created for our friends at Eat3D, gives an overview of using decals inside CryEngine 3.

Using Decals in CryEngine 3 SDK - Overview

The second video, also hosted at Eat3D, demonstrates how to achieve a realistic glass material.

Realistic Glass in CryEngine 3 SDK

The third video, created for the guys at 3dMotive, shows how to handle parallax occlusion mapping.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping In CryEngine 3

You can also find each of these tutorials in text form on Simon's site.

With the increasing amount of art being created for CryEngine 3, I'm sure these videos will be put to great use. And as always, we'd like to thank Simon for taking the time to put these together for the community.




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