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City building on the cheap

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r13 founder

Gamr7 is running a pretty good discount of sorts on their procedural city creation tool, Ürban PAD

The deal is that if they sell a set number of copies of the tool at a really low price, 29 USD instead of the normal 700, then the deal goes through. If not, then the deal is off and no one is on the hook for anything. It's a safe bet to say this one will happen despite the upcoming Oct 3rd deadline. It looks like the set amount is at 95%ish fulfilled as I type this.

Now that I've explained the details, here's some info on what this thing does. Oh and one note that will help yah make some choices. This is fully supports the UDK and Unity.

We’re very excited to announce the Ürban PAD ShareIt! Special. For two weeks, get the powerful Ürban PAD modeling suite for just $29. Unlocking this offer depends on you sharing it: once we hit our license goal, everyone will receive a copy of Ürban PAD at this special one-time price.

Ürban PAD is a smart modeler for creating great-looking 3D buildings and cities faster.

Ürban PAD has been used to build cities in next-generation game production pipelinesgame prototypes ,industrial simulations, and architectural visualization.

Ürban PAD helps you go faster and create more rich content than ever before, freeing up valuable time and creative energy for other parts of your project.
With Ürban PAD, you can:

  • Create lots of buildings fast and sell them online.
  • Make them look great with the top-notch texturing system or enhance them with Allegorithmic’s Substances (10 free Substances included).
  • Fire up the city generator and let it roar to see your city appear in no time.
  • Easily export your buildings or city to your favorite game engine (UDK/Unity 3D) or 3D software (Autodesk Suite).

The possibilities are endless – show us what you can do!

Everyone deserves the chance to shine and the tools to do it. We’re committed to offering professional-quality tools to everyone, everywhere. So for the next two weeks, we’re offering the Ürban PAD Indie license, normally $700, for the exceptional price of $29. By sharing this limited-time offer with as many people as possible, you’ll help meet our ShareIt! goal. If we reach this goal in two weeks, everyone will get a copy of Ürban PAD for $29



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