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More food for your 3D lobes

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r13 founder

is continuing on their quest to offer you delectable pastries for your brain. This time its 3 new freebies and a new DVD.

The DVD is based on Shader Production using CGFX by Luiz Kruel. He starts off by showing you how to do some basics in Maya and continues to build until finally how it then fits into the UDK. I believe this is going to be a must watch for any aspiring tech artists out there.

The freebies are equally interesting as well, but a bit shorter of course.

3D Studio Max to Cry Engine 3 SDK: a basic walk through of the asset pipeline between the two

Lightmap Resolution in UDK: An explanation on lightmaps and how to use them in the UDK

The Fracture tool in UDK: Another short explanation in the UDK. This shows how the Fracture tool works.


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