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Mateusz Interviews Simon Fuchs

Mateusz from LevelDesign.org interviews Simon Fuchs, a Senior Environment Artist who worked on Crysis2

"Mateusz: Crysis 2® is one of the first games using Direct X 11 and its features like tessalation. What does that mean for 3D artist?

Simon: Being able to use tesselation on your meshes allows you to add so much more extra detail and really brings your mesh to life. You can add all of the small little dents that you would normally fake with a normal map, but you can now have them displayed as real geometry, in realtime. Things are looking a lot more realistic closeup since the displacement actually affects the silhouette of your model."

"Mateusz: What kind of modeling do you like most?

Simon: I mainly focus on environment art creation since this is what I do on a daily basis. It means that I design and model various types of architectural, non organic structures. These could be interiors like carparks or hallways, big landmark buildings like Castle Clinton or just assets that are important for the gameplay like cover barriers or smaller props. I enjoy all of these steps involved in the asset creation process but highpoly modeling, adding details in Z-Brush and texturing are probably my favourite steps."


Check out the rest of the interview over a LevelDesign.org


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