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XoliulShader 2 Now Available

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I know most of have you been anxiously waiting for the new version of the XoliulShader. But your wait is finally over.


XoliulShader 2 has finally gone live and is available to download from the official XoliulShader 2 website. The shader is for 3DS Max only, but the older shader is still available to download for all you Maya users.

Here are a few images taken from the XoliulShader 2 gallery showcasing 3D works that have been rendered using the XoliulShader:

art by Sam Chester

art by Jon-Troy Nickel

art by Laurens Corijn

art by Lonewolf

art by Johannes Saari

There are more amazing artworks in the XoliulShader 2 Gallery, so go and check them out while your downloading the shader.

We'd also love to see what kind of result you get with the shader, so definitely give it a go and post your stuff in Pimping & Previews.

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