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Blender 2.59 has been released

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r13 founder

Blender continues it's march of updates through tiny little version number updates.

This one is only one hundredth of a unit forward; 2.59. But luckily they still manage to get quite a bit in there. All at your same low low cost of free. Jump to their site for the specific and downloads.


  • MainManiac
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    MainManiac polycounter lvl 11
    Stop adding features and organize the GUI already so it wont be such a curve for me to switch :(
  • Tehrasha
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    Tehrasha polycounter lvl 11
    Stop organizing the GUI and add the features that were available in 2.49 so I can use it. :( (mostly kidding) I got my integrated NDOF support back, I am happy.
  • Andreas
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    Andreas polycounter lvl 11
    Frell, they've spent 2 years reorganizing the GUI to make it easier for people to use/switch. I'm literally rubbing my eyes in disbelief that you are saying this. Everyone else manages just fine, you should too ;) It really is very easy and very well organised.
  • dogzer
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    dogzer polycounter lvl 8
    Yeah, I pretty much downloaded Blender and started using it like it was 3dsmax. To really get into it might take a little longer, as any software with that many feature, but it's pretty intuitive!

    Add the poly reducer from 2.49, please!
  • metalliandy
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    metalliandy greentooth
    Nice update :)

    The only thing I'm missing from 2.49b is the ability to set the number of loopcuts with numerical input :)

    There is a decimate modifier in the 2.5x series. Is that what you mean?
  • DeathFlail
    I'm also surprised to hear that about the GUI.. It had a really horrible GUI before, but now I consider it as good or better than anything else out there.

    There were some essential modeling tools missing last time I checked.. Hope they got them in this version. I'll have to download it this weekend.
  • yodude87
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    yodude87 polycounter lvl 5
    i dont know why people see so many problems in the gui of blender, i use it since i started modelling together with 3ds max, and never saw any kind of problem with neither. the gui in blender is customizable, and people saying that the right click to select is a problem, well surprise, you can change that too. the only difference i seebetween 3ds max and blender actually is the price tag, and obviosusly the acceptance in the market.
  • passerby
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    passerby polycounter lvl 12
    @yodude87 well more is different than the price tag, workflows are way different, and blender still lacks ngons, which can be really helpful when working on high poly stuff.

    there is no point of making the argument of what is better since it really depends on the user and there experiences.
  • artsymptom
    This is in general. "If you already learn soft image or zbrush, blender will be a piece of cake to learn", is simply easy and is the most logical when talking about hotkeys and customization, is my primary 3d package. A little bit wierd to start if you are a maya or other 3d package user, but the learning curve is very easy.
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