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Toolbag 1.04

Papa has a brand new bag... and by papa I mean you. 8Monkey Labs  released version 1.4 of the Marmoset Toolbag

Marmoset Toolbag 1.4 Announcement

New Features:

  • 9 new high quality sky lighting presets
  • Over 20 new light gel presets
  • Improved depth of field effect
  • Automatic check & installation for new versions
  • Constant frame rate video recording for smoother output
  • 2D background image support


  • Fixed issues with dynamic lights not rendering on some video cards
  • Non-power of two images without alpha channels now load correctly
  • Dynamic lights should now work with alpha blended materials
  • Mesh chunk list is now scrollable
  • FBX meshes now work with drag-and-drop
  • Fixed several render bugs on certain hardware
  • Mesh auto-reload no longer reverts camera and animation settings
  • Screenshot & video output now defaults to the user’s desktop; avoids permission issues in Program Files directory
  • Wireframe view now works properly for tessellation and animation
  • Alpha blending now works properly against sky backdrop
  • Fixed interaction between 3D stereo and post effects
  • Video capture now obeys the “include UI” and “watermark” check boxes
  • Watermark and GUI no longer render into the alpha channel
  • Fixed conflicting input on the color picker between hue and saturation
  • Floor textures now properly save in scene files
  • Turntables now pause when video capture auto-finishes
  • Improved program launch time

They also released a Sky Tool Tutorial that can be "used to generate custom lighting environments for use in Marmoset Toolbag"


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