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This week we have everything from hard surface, to organic characters, to pixel art!

Thanks for making this recap possible Marine!

Mrskullface's has been working on his Nazi Smasher.

Skeptical Nate's finished off another tower.

Crazyfool's Ganondorf.

Razorb's unfinished work (seriously!?) is looking pretty polished to a lot of people. Also check out the concept, good stuff.

Drav's hot looking Honda Rc211v.

Jarrede's zombie soldier is looking great, I love the cloth folds, especially on the helmet.

Razgriz's finished off the high poly of his surveillance bot.

Morte posted a great looking WIP character.

Weisheng posted a nicely shaded face, (don't let the penis doodle distract you...)

afisher posted this amazing looking bust. Can anyone tell me who it is? I can't figure it out... =P

Carl Brannstrom is trying on some pixel art... DO MORE this is awesome!

Sanketpro3d's has been posting some characters in his sketch thread, you really should check out the other stuff too!

Wow, richithekiller, just wow... You should get bored of doing Wii assets more often... wow.

Ahh Pedro Armorim's revolver, the man knows how to create a fantastic looking spec map.

AlexKola's take on Cobra Commander.


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