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Brawl Contest: Oh ya, there's prizes.

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That part in the briefing when I said there'd be no prizes? Oh there's totally prizes.

While we teased it slightly in a Tweet a while ago, we've been stupidly tight lipped about our prize for the Brawl Contest. The reason being: We meant it when we said art should not be motivated by a prize. We wanted you to participate for the sake of making kick ass art. As it turns out, you did that very thing.

So, what is the prize? It's not money. Or computer hardware. It's also not a t-shirt from one of our sponsors/advertisers (we haven't any!). No, it's these:


Our Top 3 Fighters and Top 3 Stages will all be receiving Gold, Silver or Bronze Greentooth's (not Greenteeth!) to do with whatever they'd like. They're not candy, nor do they bounce.They are 3D prints of our beloved mascot and we hope you'll consider them your trophy (but you will likely use it as a paper weight).

Either way, we wanted to send you something that represented both the Polycount Community and your victory in the Brawl Contest so we hope you'll like your Greentooth's! (Now all you have to do is answer Ryan's PM about mailing addresses and its all yours!) Just be gentle with 'em when they arrive. Cherish these little guys!



The people receiving these will be: rv_el, EzMeow, JFletcher, Mert, JordanW, and Bogdanbl4.

4th Place & 5th Place winners: We would have loved to have given you your very own Greentooth's but unfortunately these little bastards are expensive! I think 1 or 2 might have been 'botched' in their creation and we'd like to hold on to the remaining 1 or 2 that is left, just in case. (Also, it was an easy decision to do the Top 3 since we could easily have them in Gold, Silver and Bronze.)

Congratulations to the winners, you guys created some really amazing game art. I

[UPDATE:] A note from the big boss himself, r13: You do not get the Gingerale with the Greentooth. Nice try.


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