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Desert Zombie: Last Stand for iOS mobile devices

Desert Zombie: Last Stand has just been announced by Australian developers, Crystalised. Fellow Polycounter, Camikaze, is working on the project so we'll be keeping a close eye on Desert Zombie to see how it all pans out. With a release date set for July, we won't have to wait that long to try it out for ourselves.

"Desert Zombie: Last Stand is a premium gaming experience; gritty, high-tech warfare against a diabolically strategic and effective army of zombies – delivered directly to your mobile device. With the power of the UDK, Desert Zombie: Last Stand aims to enthrall audiences with powerful, explosive, impressive graphics coupled with intense, captivating gameplay."

"Desert Zombie: Last Stand pits you against an array of deadly enemies while you grow your arsenal of increasingly powerful handguns, assault rifles, mini-guns and more. By defending your turret positions from wave after wave of encroaching zombies, players need to hold out as long as possible before the ultimate finisher; a 10 kilotion S-2 Warhead which will need to be hacked to self-destruct."

While the teaser trailer doesn't contain any gameplay footage, it's definitely worth a watch:


More information can be found on:




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