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BRAWL: The Judges

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Here are the six individuals who will determine the winners of Polycount's Brawl Tournament. This week they will been sent the Top 5 Fighter entries and Top 5 Stages as voted on by the Polycount Community. Collectively they will determine the winner's of the Brawl Tournament.

If everything goes smoothly we will begin to announce the winner's some time next week.


Brawl Fighter Judges

Hanno Hagedorn
Company: Naughty Dog
Title: Senior Character Artist
Games: Crysis / Uncharted 2

Chris George
Company: Neversoft Entertainment
Title: Lead Character Artist
Games: Gun / Guitar Hero Series

Vitaliy Naymushin
Company: Blizzard Entertainment
Title: Senior Character Artist
Games: SiN Episodes, Oblivion, Bloodrayne


Brawl Stage Judges

Bram Eulaers
Company: Blizzard Entertainment
Title: Environment Artist
Unearthly Challenge 1st Place Champion

Ryan Monday
Company: Terminal Reality
Title: Lead Technical Artist
Unearthly Challenge 2nd Place Champion

Josh Cook
Company: Ubisoft Toronto
Title: Senior Level Artist
Games: Splinter Cell Conviction, Far Cry 2, Naruto: The Broken Bond



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