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BRAWL Fighter artists, please read.

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If you entered the BRAWL Tournament Contest with a FIGHTER, you need to resubmit your entry in this thread here.

Long story short: When I was editing the thread to include some missed submissions that were completed within the time frame but couldn't submit due to technical difficulties I had deleted the entire submission thread for FIGHTERS. One of the merged posts ended up becoming that threads 'OP', which I wanted to remove but instead vBulletin removed it and the entire thread. Permanently. So for now head on over here to resubmit your entry then kick the doors open on this thread here and call me your worst.

The resubmission thread for FIGHTERS is reopened for FIGHTER submissions only. It will be closed a day before the voting begins. Voting should begin some time late next week so check back to Polycount.com to find out when.

-Adam 'Herp 'n Derp' Bromell



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