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Brawl: The End is Near

The deadline for the Brawl competition is fast approaching with the May 6th deadline being literally days away. Get your stocks of caffeine in order and be ready for an intense push to the finish line - it's crunch time and no doubt lots of you will be pulling all-nighters to get your art finished!

We'll be starting a public round of voting after the deadline so check back to make sure your favourite character and evironment entries get recognized! It's highly likely you've missed some of the great threads around here too, so stop by and have a look through all the amazing art that people have been pouring themselves into over the past weeks - the standard is insane.

Check out the contest page for all the official information regarding the competition.

Character artists, you'll need to submit your entries in the Fighter Submission thread. Remember to keep it to 12,000 tris with 2048x2048 textures all rendered in real-time. Check out the contest page for the official guidelines.

Environments should be 250,000 tris (or thereabouts) with 4096x4096 maximum combined texture space. Head over to the Stage Submissions thread and get it in before the deadline. Make sure you go to the contest page for official guidelines too.

Voting will be happening very soon with the winners being announced soon after. Good luck to everyone who are in the throws of finishing their entries - from what I've seen on the forums we're going to have a whole heap of amazing art to vote on! Fight hard, and keep the Polycount spirit alive and kickin'.

If you've been living under a rock and/or haven't been checking the forums, here are a few highlights:











Do you guys have any favourites or predictions for who's going to come out on top? I've got my predictions, but I'll keep those close to my chest.


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