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Brawl early-look: Street Fighter

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Here now in Polycoun Recap fashion are a look at some of the standout WORK-IN-PROGRESS entries so far for the BRAWL tournament coming out of Street Fighter. Get your Forum Thread Subscription's emptied out - after these early-looks you'll be filling that list up pretty quick!

The Brawl Tournament is a 3D videogame art contest where contestants come up with their own 3D reinterpretations of their favourite FIGHTERS or STAGES.

Check back at Polycount tomorrow when we do an early-look at BRAWL's Mortal Kombat entries as we ramp up to the Brawl's deadline: May 6th 2011!


lonelysquare - Zangief's Stage

JordanW - Bath House stage

blot12345 - Blast Furnace

r4ptur3 - Motoko's Zen Garden

hellstern - Vega

Bogdanbl4 - Cammy

Hazardous - Chun Li

obeyurnapster - Ken

Stertman - Viper


Other amazing adaptations of your favourite Street Fighter fighters & stages that are in the works:


rambooze - Island Jungle

xoliul & wahlgren - Guile's Stage

tobeeffle - Alex's Stage

Ani - Akuma

ryanv - Chun Li

Nizza_waaarg - Cammy

OmenD4 - Sakura

Alkor - Elena

Makkon - Ryu

Kano - Cammy White

seth. - Guile

Pancreas - Sagat

Larkbeef - Zangief

Frogfish - Cammy

SveinY - Sagat

ishii - Blanka

g2000 - Cody

weisheng - Blanka

walknTalknMonkey - Blanka

Berry - Akuma

tacit_math - Necro


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