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r13 founder

Wacom is hosting a series of "webinars" that are focused on their using products with a variety of softwares; Photoshop, Painter, etc.

They are going to produce of them through April which each focusing on a different tool or sets of tools. The first one is actually tomorrow or today based on where you live on the globe. The topic will be Photoshop and Wacom tablets. Probably something a bunch of you are familiar with. They are repeating it again on the 19th if you can't make it to the first one. Here is your cut and paste of the infos to get you squared away on all of them:

Wacom Tablets and Photoshop
Learn essential tips and techniques that the pros use to finish their images. See firsthand the power the pen brings to masking and painting. Find out what you have been missing with other types of input devices and liberate your creativity! Go beyond the pen and explore the many ways in which the tablet itself can improve your productivity.

Thursday, April 7 Sign up now >>
Tuesday, April 19 Sign up now >>

Wacom Tablets and the Creative Process
Join Wes and special guest, Ali Sabet, in this informative webinar about the integral role that a Wacom pen tablet plays in the creative process. Ali Sabet, contemporary artist, character designer and brand consultant, is also the developer of the Hypercreative Method: The ability to rapidly concept, develop and execute any project at the highest quality possible! Pairing applications like Sketchbook® Pro, Illustrator® and Acrobat® with his Wacom pen tablet, Ali walks you through his creative process.

Tuesday, April 26 Sign up now >>

Corel Painter - The Essentials for Tablet Users
A Wacom pen tablet is essential for Corel Painter. If you have ever wanted to incorporate a painterly look to your photos, or "draw" upon your traditional artistic skills digitally, this webinar is for you. Learn how to set up both Painter and the tablet for optimal use. You will get an overview of the user interface and invaluable tips for taming unwieldy palettes.

Thursday, April 28 Sign up now >>


And remember its pronounced "whack-em" not "way-com".


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