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...Help! A couple of weeks ago we updated our top menu. The most important update to the menu? Our 'Contact Us' form.

We're not sure if you've noticed or not (you've noticed, my PM's lately have been mostly "DUDE YOU DEAD?") but for the past two weeks or News feed has turned in to a News drip. When I moved across the country and started a job with a new developer my time was pulled away from Polycount quite a bit. Fortunately, the other writers have been giving you guys some goods here and there. However, with me not around to line up post ideas and work with the other writers our News feed has slowed down. And thats where we're hoping you can come in.

One of the updates to our Top menu was the inclusion of the Contact Us form.

This form, when filled out and sent, goes directly to everyone on the Editor & Moderator team so we can deal with any problems or issues you guys may have. An additional feature to this form - which is what this post is all about - is the ability to contact us with News items. Things you'd like us to share with the world, or that you think the Polycount audience will find interesting, or perhaps a new DVD/tool you've just released. A lot of things get posted inside of General Discussion, which is great, but the best avenue for such 'News' items is right here on Polycount News rather than the Polycount Forum.

I'd like to ask that if you ever come across anything interesting, useful, or News worthy that you send it along to us so we can get it up on the News page. You'll be given full credit and 2 cookies for helping us out. Any little nuggets you guys  may find would be great!

And on a related note: We might be looking for additional Editing & Writing team members soon to help us write News for Polycount so keep a look out here and on our Twitter for the announcement.


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