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Friday Forum Re-Cap

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Emil Mujanovic polycounter lvl 13

Well if you've been away from Polycount for what feels like forever (like I have), then this is a great week to come back to the place we like to call home. Some tremendously rad, froth in your jocks creating, eye popping, doused in awesome-sauce art has been floating around Polycount and today I'm going to share a good selection of that for you.

Here are a bunch of works from the What Are You Working On Thread and a few threads from Pimping & Previews.



Polycount - WAYWO

art by moof

art by arshlevon

art by JO420

art by crazyfool

art by duncan

art by Drew++

art by jramauri

art by schebbe

art by swampbug

art by teaandcigarettes


Polycount - Pimping & Previews

art by bbob

art by ENODMI

art by jocose

art by Minotaur0

art by ScudzAlmighty

art by Nizza_Waaarg

art by paulsvoboda


I hope you enjoyed the art dump, there are plenty more awesome works of art scattered throughout Polycount that I'm sure didn't get a mention. But have a poke around yourself and I'm sure you'll find an endless treasure trove of amazing art.

But for now, have a great weekend, kids. Until next week.

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