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Here now are a few videos you may find inspiring to whatever it is you're cooking up these days.

You can find inspiration everywhere for projects you're doing at work or at home. Here now are 3 videos you may find inspiration from, but will certainly enjoy.


I wish I knew more.

I wish I knew more about this video other than its title. Either way, there's some fun - and gimmicky - things happening in this that scream videogame sequence. Have a look.



Scout + Pyro = Eminem + Rhianna?

I don't normally dig these sort of TF2 mash-up videos but this one is too good not to share with you. Give it a chance to kick in to the chorus.



Beyond Black Mesa

I remember seeing the trailer for this last year. The 11 minute short film is now and by golly its great. It has a fantastic soundtrack as well.



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