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Lightwave 10 released

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r13 founder

Right at the end of 2010 New Tek did something crazy. They released new technology.

Lightwave 10 is out!

We're 3 days late on this one - but I think you'll forgive us. On December 30th, New Tek pushed Lightwave 10 out the door.

Here is some of what New Tek is saying about Lightwave 10.


NewTek LightWave 10 delivers a whole new set of groundbreaking tools for 3D artists. Whether you work alone or play well with others, LightWave 10 has the tools you need to turn your dreams into gorgeous graphics and amazing animation for film, television, print, design … or simply to satisfy your desire to create something really cool. LightWave 10 gives you more speed, flexibility and control, along with new, interactive tools that let you model, render and animate, quickly and affordably. Plus, LightWave artists have won more Emmy® Awards for visual effects and animation than any other CG artists. Now that’s cool.

LightWave 10 benefits artists with unique, new capabilities not found in any other 3D application, like instant feedback from the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR), the precision of a complete Linear Color Space Workflow, real-time Anaglyph Stereoscopic Preview, and Virtual Studio Tools that deliver real-time virtual walkthroughs.

LightWave 10 Modeler and Layout, with an updated and refined user interface, deliver extensive new data interchange tools that provide seamless integration into multi-application pipelines. LightWave 10 also includes NewTek’s next generation
CORE technologies with real-time OpenGL views of Ambient Occlusion, Bloom and HDRI background images, Python-based expressions and scripting, Bullet rigid body dynamics, sophisticated UV mapping capabilities and much more.

Head on over to Newtek.com for the complete details.


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