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Fluid FX on the iPhone

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r13 founder

If you are one of those snooty bleeding edge tech nerds that happens to also have a iPhone, you may or may not be interested in Fluid FX from Autodesk, which is currently free for the holidays. 

The bored engineers of Autodesk have ported the fx engine from Maya into an app that lets you apply fire, smoke and warping to your own pictures in real time. The app has a ton of different presets and it should keep you amused for at least a few minutes while you scroll through them. Now this is by no means a proper fx tool as you might expect when you hear the names Autodesk and Maya in the description. You aren't going to be building the latest and greatest explosions for your next mod. This is one of those crappy picture warping applications. A well done one, but it is what it is. But it is free.

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