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Low down dirty... mother... [email protected]#$

Q:Who steals consoles from kids with cancer?

A: This douche bag.

News of this guys douchebaggery was posted over at Kotaku He broke into Carolinas Medical Center, that helps take care of kids with cancer (KIDS... with CANCER!?) and made off with 5 consoles. Consoles that directly aid in the patients escape from the hell that is their treatment.

This servers as a reminder that no matter how bad things get for you personally, someone will always have it worse, and then have their console stolen when they need it the most. If you can't help the lynch mob track this guy down and string him up by his balls from a flag pole, maybe you can help by making a Donation to Child's Play.

As you go into the holiday buying frenzy you might want to set a few bucks aside for a charity that makes a hell of a difference in peoples lives that desperately need it. Especially a charity like Child's Play, Most of you probably already donate and if not you should. Come on its for kids and GAMES!?

If for whatever reason you can't donate, send a message along to Gabe, Tycho or Kirstin Lindsay the contact person for Child's Play, urging them to do something awesome and further a great cause with some good publicity.



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