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Rage Against The Weekend

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It's Friday. We have a selection of pictures for you to gaze at. You love it!

Jump right in here!


What a week!

Lots of creative and interesting posts made in our forums this week. The caution thread and this coming together of the Polycount community are two threads worth your coffee break if you're not after some art. But, if you're not after some art then what the hell are you doing here? Hang on to your hats, here we go...



Brett "Spark" Briley has turned it up a notch by dropping a sculpt bomb in the P&P forum. RAGE, sculpting and killer character work. C'mon.

Is that a tube hanging off the fat fella's junk?


As usual, the "What Are You Working On?" thread never fails to impress, this week we've got some nice environment work from deceiver and elementrix...


Also from the WAYWO thread, but not an environment, Abe_hokage has done an awesome version of Wolverine with a twist... he's a sloth! This is brilliant and such brilliance deserves to be frontpaged, so here you go:


Additionally, thedrew has given us this little guy, Jimmy Squarefoot, based on art by Brian Froud. It's not often you see Froud's stuff as game-res art; here it's an interesting mix of painted textures with some areas of bump and specular. See also, hipster jeans.


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