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Monitor-to-retina art missile.

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I was split between that or, 'Dropping an A-bomb' (where the A stands for art). I've been gone for around 3 weeks and that was the best I could come up with.

Archviz in Unreal - possible!

Polycount chris89 member shows us that doing some decent architectural visualization in the UDK is not only possible, but it lacks some of the wait times you'd be put through doing it the typical way - rendering. Check out the rest of the thread for break downs on some of his materials and processes.


UDK environment, Epic (tech) artist

Long time Polycount member, UDK forum contributor & mentor, and Epic employee Jordan Walker is up to no good in the UDK lately. His first few samplings should the plethora of possibilities UDK has to offer.


ZBrushCentral's 'definitely_maybe' makes the choice for us: definitely.

If you haven't seen some of 'definitely_maybe's sculpts as of late, then you owe it to your eyes to check out their work. Busts galore!

Nostalgic, I love it.

16-bit memories, a creation of CGChannel's 'intercepto' deserves your attention if you ever think about the days growing up on old machines, old consoles, and dreams of the future.



Have you seen ILM's first venture in to a fully 3D feature film in a long, long time...?


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It feels good to be back!



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