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AC: Brotherhood Characters

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Nicolas Collings posted his characters from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on ZBrushCentral.

Pics and thread after the jump!


A Ubisoft-flavored artist, Nicolas is showing off his efforts in the latest chapter of this stabbing simulator. There's some nice work to ponder for sure, but there's a little bare wang in the full thread; make sure your mom isn't watching! Or don't, it's up to you.

Here's a select few from the thread - plenty more over on ZBrushCentral!


I found it a bit odd that the last guy in the bottom right there has more triangles in his feet than in his head, but hey, sometimes people scrutinize the footwear, I guess?

[MoP edit]: I'd also like to propagate the contraction "AssCreed BroHo". That is all.


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  • Habboi
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    Habboi sublime tool
    Saw this earlier today. Always impresses me how artists can get that much detail on such low poly models.

    Sadly my experience with this game has been a downer as I've been experiencing horrible frame rates on my PS3. I've contacted Ubi for now because I know it isn't normal but I had the same issue with AC2 only it wasn't as bad as ACB. Still this has't stopped me playing it, 95% complete, but it has stopped me enjoying it 100%.
  • Tom Ellis
    Incredible stuff, thanks for linking!

    Seeing the in-game versions makes me wonder why the hell the UC2 characters are so insanely high count in comparison. I mean, I love UC1+2, and the work they do on the characters over at Naughty Dog is of course beautiful, but I really don't think the difference is that noticeable when you compare them to just how much less tri-count these Assassins Creed meshes have.

    I agree with Habboi, really impressive how good they look at such low poly.
  • R3D
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    R3D interpolator
    The magic of textures.
  • DeanoRoe
    I'd Love to see the texture Maps for these models!
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