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Hopefully you all had a great and productive weekend, but it's back to work and back to being a grown up. But to make that seem less sucky we have some goodies for you.

  • Over 100 free hi-res female ref images
  • 3D Video capture with Kinect
  • Holographic sheets.

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So your next model is a female, but looking for reference images just yields a lot of porn (I'm sure some of you don't mind). Well how would you like over 100 hi-res female reference images for free? Yes, for free!

I caught this over CGChannel and I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

All you need is a facebook account, head over to the Ten24 facebook page, 'like' the profile, then go to the Free Downloads tab, and it's all yours!



If you're still undecided about the whole Microsoft Kinect, check out this cool video showing off some of the different tech capabilities the Kinect can be used for.

Sure it's a little ghetto, but if you had two of more of those devices, you could get some pretty rad results.

Props to gauss for posting this on facebook.




Finally, here's a quick video from Zebra Imaging showing off their 3D Holographic product. This isn't exactly new tech, as I remember having basketball cards with 3D holographic display. However, the concept has been refined and the end result gives you a much clearer image and a wider range of view.

This opens up a whole range of applications and it just simply looks cool.

Thanks to PatrickL for this video (originally posted here).




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